Workshops & Wellness Programs


This is Dr. Cori’s and MommaStrong’s version of a retreat.
But, we’d rather call it an adventure. A break. A pause. A recess.

Listen up: Your body is your own private whistleblower.

Dr. Cori has over twelve years of team experiences as both player and coach that serve as the framework for this workshop. In addition, her doctoral studies, sports specialty training, and understanding of human behavior are heavily weaved into this workshop to give your team a winning combination of leadership skills, awareness, and communication tools to propel your team to the next level. We work to establish fundamental cognitive behavioral skills through a quality feedback system which improves communication and performance.  Your team will be guided through exercises that encourage ownership and responsibility for actions, improve leadership skills, and unify team members.

This workshop is not for spectators. Creating a Clearly Aligned Team is strictly reserved for the ”players” and “coaches” with a desire to succeed beyond expectations. Hence, Clearly Aligned is the natural next step for sports or organizational teams wanting an edge. Please contact Dr. Cori for more information, or to set up your Team’s workshop.



From the ages of 12-22, young girls and young adults struggle with shaping their identity when the world around them focuses on their exterior rather than their inner strength, intuition, and/or purpose. Understanding the instinctual responses inherent within these girls when paired with cultural, emotional, neurobiological, and hormonal stressors, means many girls lack the necessary life skills needed to cope with surviving a broken heart, losing trust, and failing at something. Today’s girls are indoctrinated into a culture of cliques, intense competition (materialism and boys), and gossip which undermines their own success and ability to nurture relationships that breed loyalty, love, and compassion within themselves and others. Self-esteem, healthy body images, and communication skills are increasingly becoming scarce in high schools around the country and many girls are falling victims to peer pressure and high-risk behavior.

This workshop is designed to show girls how much power they truly have, so that they can make the desired impact that they want. They will learn how to choose the right team, or tribe of other girls to support them in their endeavors and be “true” friends. They are shown valuable skills that will remain long after the worksop ends. Learning how to communicate with themselves and their peers, how to have a healthy body image and self-esteem, so that they create healthy and enduring relationships, as well as create a life based on their own wants, and not others, are a few of the many topics discussed.



“When a woman falls in love she feels on top of the world. Waves of great happiness fill her body and mind. We all know how it feels to love another person unconditionally, and we always long to find our way back to that feeling. But when love fails, the pain of loss is devastating. Few women ever find their way back to the natural high that accompanies true love. In Women’s Workshop, we will take on “How to Talk to Men” a two-day seminar designed to open your heart and restore your ability to immerse yourself in love. This course provides a safe environment to explore the anger and anxiety that have blocked your link to men. With greater awareness you will be able to discover your defense mechanisms and see how you unconsciously provoke men. Then we will explore exciting new ways to conduct yourself with the men in your life. This seminar provides the compassion and the environment you need to examine your unconscious habits. Respect and accurate feedback will enable you to dissolve your social mask and reveal the cauldron of disappointment and frustration that poisons your life. You will experience a great release of pent-up emotion followed by the warmth and peace you share with the other women who have the courage to take this journey with you.”  (excerpted from Sage University)



Are you really listening to your inner self? Are really connected to what is really happening on the inside of your organization and its people? Are you ready to make a change? This workshop is the way to immerse yourself in the practices and principles of highly successful team and dialogue theories developed from MIT’s William Issaacs and Otto Scharmer, Michael Rosenberg, Ph.D., Jim Collins, Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins, Mark Goulston Ph.D., Kay Lindahl, Nelson Mendela, Keith Ferrazzi, Marie Forleo, Tim Ferriss, Deepak Chopra, Mark Hyman, M.D., Christiane Northrup, M.D., Byron Katie, Steven Covey, and Peter Drucker.

Many small businesses and companies falter due to lack of clarity in vision from its key stakeholders. In addition, if the culture lacks “unity” or “awareness” then workers are often working in silos, without a connection to the bigger picture, or greater purpose. We will spend 1-3 days delving into the key components of your business to develop a greater sense of awareness-communication-team. Using scientifically proven techniques, dialogue training, and exercises, team members will examine his, or her role within the dynamic of the company and gain critical feedback. A greater awareness, improved communication, and specific required action becomes the result of these activities, and the culture, productivity, and climate will have the necessary seeds for positive change, should your team implement the strategies discussed during the workshop or retreat.



It is no secret that most employees are sick, out of balance and just plain stressed out. These stresses are costing employers millions of dollars in health care costs, absenteeism and worst of all, unearned income from decreased productivity. Wellness includes various aspects of life, including: physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, social and intellectual stimulation. In the United States, the work week is increasing, and when you take into account emails, blackberries, laptops, those hours are increasing. Work-life balance is somehow impossible without drastic measures, or workplace interventions in some cases.

When most people get sick, they tend to get stuck in a cycle of sickness (reactive), rather than maintain well-being (proactive).  In fact, a new study shows that adverse side effects from prescribed medications, hospital stays, hospital acquired infections and medical errors is the 4th leading cause of death in America. If you are wondering how you can keep your employees healthy, happy and productive, prevention and education is key. Learning how to manage their stresses, keep their lives in balance, lose or maintain a healthy weight, eat well, and proper exercises will improve their lives and your profit/loss statement.

Incorporating a wellness program into your company is easy and available for any budget.  Studies have shown that an organized program educating your employees about life, health, stress, fitness, nutrition, weight loss and prevention of disease and injury can lower your cost as an employer by more than 5 to 1 on investment.

  • 28.3%  average reduction in sick leave
  • 26% average reduction in health care costs
  • 30% reduction in medical and worker’s compensation claims

We offer many solutions that fit each company’s budget and goals. Whether you are looking for an informative, one-hour, one-day program, or an ongoing program, we can design the wellness program that will best accommodate you and your employees.  We can work with any budget to design a system that gives you the return on your investment that you are looking for while improving the health and quality of lives of your employees.

  • Lunch & Learn Wellness Program

These 1-hour workshops are designed around general health, weight loss, stress management, preventing burnout, injury prevention, time management, fitness and nutrition for your employees and their family. If you have a specific topic, or interest, Dr. Cori would be happy to put together a presentation that fits your needs. Please contact Dr. Seyhoon if you have any questions.

  • How to Manage Stress and Be Healthy

Studies show that employees take off 6.5 million days a year due to stress. Stress is on its way to becoming the #1 reason for absenteeism at work. Stress can cause insomnia, irritable bowels, headaches, disease, ulcers, fatigue, muscle aches and a decreased immune system to name a few.  Increased stress levels makes one more susceptible to injuries at work. The most commonly taken prescription drugs taken in the US are antidepressants and painkillers for maladies like back pain, neck pain, headaches and other stress related symptoms. This workshop addresses the importance of acknowledging stress and understanding how it makes them sick. We provide useful tips on how to minimize and manage stress, as well as increase their overall health.