Childhood Illnesses

The purpose of chiropractic care is not the treatment of conditions or diseases; rather, it is the restoration of normal body function. Chiropractors work to reduce stress related interference to the nervous system via gentle spinal adjustments, thereby enhancing overall body function. All systems of the body—muscular, glandular, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, eliminatory, hormonal and immunological—depend on the optimal function of the nervous system.

Parents will often seek chiropractic care for various reasons, some of which include: spinal wellness care, recurrent ear/nose/throat infections, digestive complaints (such as colic or constipation), poor appetite, trouble sleeping, trouble latching/nursing, musculoskeltal complaints, ADD/ADHD, headaches, asthma, scoliosis, sports related injuries, allergies, postural improvement, behavioral problems, post-birth checkup, torticollis, and neurosensory disorders. Dr. Seyhoon is trained to look for subluxations on the pediatric spine that may develop into more serious problems down the road. If your child is experiencing any of the above problems, please come in for a spinal evaluation. By doing so, you are paving the way for a healthy adult.