Dr. Seyhoon is a dynamic speaker with experience addressing various age groups and audiences. Whether you are seeking a brief, informative talk, or a longer weekend /on-going program, Dr. Seyhoon’s entertaining style works for all audiences with a great sense of humor and a willingness to learn.

1 Day To Wellness

8 Tools To Live Your Dream

9 Big Mistakes Most People Make With Their Health

All The Right Exercises For Your Back

Chiropractic Care & YOU

Concussions & Brain Trauma

Eat Clean, Lose Weight

Managing Low Back Pain

Headaches & Conservative Treatment

Holistic Spirituality

How To Eat During The Holidays (and not gain weight)

How To Talk To Men

Pregnancy & How To Treat Your Back Pain

Sciatica Strikes!

Sports Injuries

Stress Management

Team Dynamics

The Brain and Spirituality


* If you have a specific topic in mind, please let Dr. Seyhoon know and she would be happy to present on any topics within her scope of practice, or field of knowledge.