I’ve heard of chiropractic, but it scares me. Are you going to crack me and does it hurt?

I am NOT a licensed ninja. I will not use any Chuck Norris moves on you. I’ve seen those movies and heard the stories of someone getting hurt, or having a bad experience with a chiropractor. The good news is, I’m NOT that chiropractor. Better yet, I don’t even hang out with those chiropractors. I’m an elitist, so I associate with the best and want to ensure that your first experience with chiropractic is world class and leaves you wanting more.

Yes, you may hear some cracking. That sound is nitrogen gas being released from the joint capsule and not your bones “popping,” or smashing together. The adjustments don’t hurt. Approximately 10% of patients may experience some post-adjustment muscle spasm or tension, but it usually just feels like a “good workout-type soreness” and typically goes away within 24 hours.


What makes you so special, aren’t there a zillion chiropractors in town that do what you do?

Nobody does what I do the way I do it. I tap into the synergistic doctor-patient relationship factor that acts as a catalyst for greater healing. My goal is to educate and empower you with information about how you can self-treat and heal. I plan to give you a better experience than you expect and I won’t waste your time, or money.  Please check out the facebook page or patient reviews for more information on how others receive care.


This all sounds AAAHMAZING, but how much does it cost?  Do you make people sign up for those crazy expensive pre-paid plans?

My goal is to make chiropractic treatment accessible and affordable for as many folks as possible. You can check out my fee schedule and patient guidelines here. Many people have asked my professional opinion about pre-paid, or long-term care plans. In a nutshell, I’m not a supporter of those kinds of business transactions. I focus on treating each individual and his/her unique needs by assessing the progress one makes before, during and after each appointment. We tailor our recommendations depending on how one responds to care, instead of what you committed to before receiving much treatment. Why would you lock yourself into a health care agreement where there might be some sort of penalty when you leave (which is illegal, by the way)?


Why don’t you accept insurance?

Patient-centered health care is a fundamental cornerstone of my practice. I believe in collaborating with patients and identifying healing treatments that will deliver results. Managed care programs do not support preventative, or wellness care, which is something I feel strongly about.


 Are you a REAL doctor?

It always makes me laugh when patients are surprised by my credentials (yes, I have them) and totally judge me by my cover (I may wear jeans to work), but in all fairness, you have the right to ask! Yes, I’m a real doctor with additional post-doctoral training in sports medicine, psychology, pediatrics & pregnancy. Chiropractic college was more intense than the corridors of my Ivy League undergrad setting and I’m a proud Nerd who loves learning. You can read more about my experiences here.